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We are working on an automated method for generating prosthetic sockets for upper limb. The project is funded by the National Center for Research and Development. It involves training neural networks to autonomously design comfortable and fitting prosthetic sockets based on a limb scan from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


We continuously develop applications as the need arises. They are meant to facilitate our work and also serve you, which is why they are available on the AppStore for iOS mobile devices. Two of them, OrthoScan and PopularScanner, are designed for scanning objects and generating accurate 3D models. The third one, vBionic Measure, allows you to measure any object precisely without using a ruler.


Thanks to the technology which we developed for producing silicone products, we are able to manufacture elements of any shape and color based on a 3D model. We use skin-safe certified silicone in our production. Do you need something? Contact us, and we will prepare an individual quote for you.


We design all our custom-made products based on a 3D scan of the patient’s limb. This allows us to take measurements and recreate the exact shape of the limb, as well as carry out the entire process completely remotely. We are moving away from plaster casts and even dedicated scanners. The scan is done using a user-friendly mobile application OrthoScan.


Many components of our products are created using modern 3D printing technology. Therefore, we are able to quickly produce and deliver both prototypes and finished products to our customers. We also have the freedom in terms of geometry and colors, and we generate less waste throughout the entire process.