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Let's get to know each other!​

We are a biomedical company focused on limb prosthetics. We use vBionic technologies to design and manufacture our products. Our team has been brought together by the shared passion and willingness to help, which is why we are introducing necessary changes in prosthetics together! 

Our mission​

vBionic’s mission is to democratize access to prosthetic solutions. We want the financial situation or place of residence not to be an obstacle to comfortable everyday life. Therefore, we make sure that our solutions are functional, helpful and at affordable price, and that the entire process of prosthetic fitting can be carried out remotely.

International cooperation​

Together with the Kids Paradise organization, we were the first ones to deliver prostheses to the war zone – to Syria. Due to the remote process and fast shipping, we were able to help the victims of bombing regain the comfort of everyday functioning, at least to some extent.

vBionic supports athletes​

We have provided the players of Warta Amp Futbol club with custom-made 3D shin pads, designed based on the scans of their legs, to support them during training sessions and matches. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to their success on the field and support their athletic passion!

Sports sponsorship​

We are proud to be a sponsor of the girls football youth academy SPARKS, providing the female players with sports uniforms. We cheer for the team with great enthusiasm and closely follow their performance on the field!